Setting Fence Posts

The Post Hole Wizards always do their very best to set the fence posts as plum as possible. This way we assure our customers a beautiful eye pleasing installation each and every time. It all starts with a well dug post hole. Using our state of the art equipment and choice materials assures the best post hole installation.

When the customer is supplying the material we ask that they take the time to look over the material at the lumber yard.  Don’t just accept what is handed to you insist on the straightest material available, it’s important for the overall look and quality of the job. With pressure treated wood there is a wide variation in the overall quality of the wood so be sure and don’t be rushed when picking.

The Wizards will be happy to supply the best materials and install for your worry free fence. We can quote a great price to let us do all the hard work while you just sit back and enjoy the results. And if you have children, a solid fence will provide a safe and secure place for kids and pets to play as well as an enclosed area to insure you privacy.