Parking Area Bollards

Bollard with sign
Bollards for Signs

The Post Hole Wizard is is a full Service parking area barrier provider as well as protection for walkways and  pedestrian pathways.

We can provide Bollards and cemented steel or poly sleeves  for your parking area signs as well as Bollards for protection of entrance and exit areas and to protect Fire Hydrants from automobile traffic.

Bollards protect 2
Bollard to Protect

We can  provide protection of intrusion into electrical installation areas for generators, transformers, inverters as well as any other type of sensitive equipment you may have need to guard against intrusion by motor vehicles of all kinds.

We can provide protection against intrusion into sensitive areas by Trucks or Autos where vehicles are strictly forbidden like areas for pedestrian only walkways and paths grassed in park areas or play grounds.

Bollards Door ProtectionDeny access to to areas by automobile traffic that need to cut off to through traffic or enclose pedestrian gathering areas as well as protection for pedestrian traffic next busy automobile traffic areas.

Close off the front of buildings to delivery trucks and vans delivering large items through front entrances.

The Post Hole Wizards do it all for you.